Spiderman grandma

General / 08 April 2021

Someone is sketching and dreamy grandma is on her way. She used to climb the roof of her house 50 years ago. She is still in shape. 

Adopt the grandma...

General / 03 April 2021

And what does your grandma's home look like?

General / 01 April 2021

Come and get some delicious kompot!

General / 20 March 2021

Even if your grandma is angry, she always has some kompot for you. 



General / 06 March 2021

Any NFT collectors here? 

I have minted my latest illustration on Rarible. 5 pieces are available :)


Or you can join and follow me on Rarible ;) 

Pale moon

General / 04 March 2021

Midnight almost-a-selfportrait.

Winter is here

General / 15 February 2021

Postcard views. 


General / 10 February 2021
Attacked by local gopniks!
But if seriously, then these birbs are probably so hungry that they just run to any hooman they see to beg for bread crumbs.

World creator 3 Alpha!

General / 13 January 2021

Having fun!  Render straight out from Alpha. It has a lot of flaws, but I can see a great move forward since version 2.

Misty mountains photopack

General / 19 December 2020