General / 12 May 2023

1. Run Steam

2. Wait till it updates

3. Launch a game to play just 30 minutes before sleep

4. Wait for an effing update for 1 hour. 


Doors with oriental ornament

General / 06 March 2023

... with Islamic pattern. I have made this piece for my personal project. Studying at uni and keeping a hand on the pulse of a project is a nightmare.

Handmade alpha )) 

Extraterrestrial station

General / 20 November 2022

Your cozy extraterrestrial home
A bit deserted and ruined, but it happens to extraterrestrial homes.
Done for the Unreal contest. 

Oriental project sassy update

Work In Progress / 15 November 2022

Oh yeah.

I went on producing some souvenirs and curiosities, just some fun jobs before fully diving into complicated materials and buildings, vertex painting, and all that jazz. Here we've got a small woman figurine typical of the paleolith when our distant ancestors were adorating fertility represented by them. Or just had the best time producing Stone Age erotic statues, who knows? I don't. They made it through time and space all the way from their caves to our little shop of curiosities. 

Oh, these Venuses of paleolith seducing and corrupting prehistoric youngsters! 

And standalone 

Oriental setting progress

Work In Progress / 09 November 2022

I am moving on with my oriental setting project. My computer has become laggy lately, so I am slightly pissed off as I am doing my best to fix it.

nonetheless, here are the pitchers that I have made. Still, plenty of assets to go as I am trying to fill in the location. Carpets and curiosities are waiting patiently :) 

Spiderman grandma

General / 08 April 2021

Someone is sketching and dreamy grandma is on her way. She used to climb the roof of her house 50 years ago. She is still in shape. 

Adopt the grandma...

General / 03 April 2021

And what does your grandma's home look like?

General / 01 April 2021

Come and get some delicious kompot!

General / 20 March 2021

Even if your grandma is angry, she always has some kompot for you. 



General / 06 March 2021

Any NFT collectors here? 

I have minted my latest illustration on Rarible. 5 pieces are available :)


Or you can join and follow me on Rarible ;)