Studying and working is hard...

Making Of / 16 December 2023

...Studying and working at a creative job is a double nightmare. You have to absorb a lot of information about the game engine while learning the languages and writing a thesis.

I decided to watch tutorials and found myself awake at five in the morning. I got up broken after that with a head the size of a chicken coop. I did NOT go to the gym. I don't WANT to, I'm not motivated, I feel like sad crap physically. Mentally, so far so good.

Shit, my cheeks are hanging and shaking like gelatin. Might gonna put myself on a carrot diet.


Following the steps of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Making Of / 02 January 2019

This video is dedicated to a location that can be seen in the game that was released earlier in 2018, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Me and my friend, a certified guide in Czechia, went to the monastery, that has appeared as one of the locations in the game to compare art and reality and make a short movie about similarities. Enjoy! :)



Making Of / 09 December 2018

Hello there! Today I am telling about the workflow that I have used to create a picture for the competition from Nomada studio dedicated to their upcoming game called Gris. People have submitted a lot of fantastic illustrations (including me ;-P) so you are very welcome to check all of them out on instagram. #grisgame