Winter is here

General / 15 February 2021

Postcard views. 



General / 10 February 2021
Attacked by local gopniks!
But if seriously, then these birbs are probably so hungry that they just run to any hooman they see to beg for bread crumbs.


World creator 3 Alpha!

General / 13 January 2021

Having fun!  Render straight out from Alpha. It has a lot of flaws, but I can see a great move forward since version 2.


Misty mountains photopack

General / 19 December 2020

Realistic Paint studio review (RU)

General / 14 December 2020


Realistic paint draws

General / 06 December 2020


Murky waters

General / 23 November 2020



Melek Taus

General / 01 November 2020

I will not lie to you... This is the complicated stage where I mainly abandon my paintings. Shape and color decisions are made, I am slowly losing my interest and the chances are I will never drag this to the end. 


Самба в помощь

General / 01 October 2020


Deus Ex. Mankind Divided.

General / 02 May 2020

Guys, a couple of months ago I have gathered a lot of information and created a magnum opus about the intersection of real and imaginary Prague. Even though the Deus Ex locations were heavily inspired by real Czech capital, there is nothing left in the GAme: no real streets, no real names. In this video, I hit the streets of Prague to find out where can we find the views and buildings that were transferred into the game. 

Originally in Russian, but I have added the subtitles :)