About me


I have been working as an artist for multiple years by now and have gained some certain success in my field. I collaborated with Mercedez-Benz, McDonald's, and various smaller clients and even took part in making matte paintings for Netflix series and a Hollywood movie.

This is a fabulous journey, however, the time has come to “settle down” and join a team to play my small role in creating the more significant projects and so now I am in search of a junior level art opportunity in game dev studios. I want to work side by side with my experienced brothers in arms and push this industry further. 

Aiming for the stars, huh...

But there is always something more to dream about... 

I love oriental settings and the history of the Middle East. Deserts, palaces, arabesques, and floral patterns are all mine. My dream is to collaborate with movie and video game productions that depict any of the historical Middle East locations or fantasy based on this setting. 

The main step that I took in this direction was joining the Middle East studies department of Charles University to learn Arabic and Farsi, get an academic education, and make connections with those who have deep knowledge about architecture and material legacy.

This is meant to be and I am manifesting this into existence.

The best is yet to come!