Flying to the distant mountain...

General / 17 July 2018

A quick photobash. I love doing these small exercises before going to the bed, they are so relaxing and make my mind fly far away into the dream realms. Good night.

An arctic landscape

General / 12 July 2018

Hot and fresh straight from the Keyshot with minimal post-production ^_^

Presence of goddess

General / 21 April 2018

Prototype in Oculus Medium, render in Keyshot.

A hunter

General / 20 March 2018

There is no story behind this picture, only my obsession with white fluffy things :D

Mechanical hunter

General / 12 March 2018

Speed sculpt for the RAW art battle. They say that "Raw Art Wrestling is a live illustrator battle. It's a competition for visual artists of all kinds: pros and rookies alike. It's about talent, courage, networking and having fun. It's about learning, community, inspiration and opportunities."

So this is the hunter that I have made within the time limit of 2 hours including reference search and rendering in Keyshot.

More post-production at home. I have turned on the ground plane visibility and have applied the shiny material. now I have a dream mechanical hunter looking at his reflection in the lake... Like Narcissus ^_^

Making an illustration using VR tools

General / 17 January 2018

Even though I have passed to the next round of RAW I have decided to send these materials. VR experience has turned my life upside down and I hope that this information will be useful for someone.

Sketching an idea in Quill

Then when the setting is figured out more or less I start using Oculus Medium (this is more of a toy rather than a real professional instrument, but it is GREAT for making a prototype.

After doing all this I export the model as an obj. file and go to Zbrush for polypainting. For some reason Zbrush doesn't distinguish between different layers created in Medium: aliens' eyes are created on a different layer, but however not displayed as a separate subtool. From Zbrush it goes to Keyshot for render and there the eyes are already displayed as a separate object.

This is what the render looks like straight from Keyshot: 

There are some flaws, but I don't pay that much attention to them because I'm gonna fix that manually in Photoshop in the post-production. 

And Voi-la! 15 minutes more and my illustration is here. It needs a lot more to be done to be ready to go, but hey... that's a good base. I tried to keep the entire modeling time under 2 hours + 15 minutes extra for post production.

Vr is here!

General / 05 January 2018

Yes! Finally! 

Where inspiration comes from...

General / 04 January 2018

From travels and observations.

I hope to write a big tutorial soon about this very important thing: where to search for inspiration without using any pretentious words. Just plain advice.

We all are being bombarded with the importance of travel, of how it extends your horizons and make you a better person, but the sad truth is that the majority of people that I have met on my ways all over the world from Latin America to South-East Asia don't know why they are doing that. "Just to be cool" is not a reason good enough. "To find my true self" is a poor excuse... Fortunately, artists know their reason and know how to use the experience: to put it into art, produce smth that will shake someone soul to its depth. 

This was the journey that has launched my wanderlust (I realized that photo references are not enough anymore)... Nepal, the road to Gokyo, 2013. 

And Hallstatt, 2018:

And tons of other visited places... This journey has no end.

Jesus christ, I've been...

General / 21 December 2017

...waiting for this day :) 

My artblog on Arstation cant wait to be filled with content!