Business notes

General / 11 June 2019

Charging by the hour punishes me for being good and efficient.

- I want to pay you by the hour. How many hours did it take you to design this?

- My entire life. If I am 32 now, then let's calculate and multiply. 32 by 365 by 24 is 280 320 hours. 

Most business people value time. So if they can get their logo done in 5 minutes rather than wait for 4 months, they better do it. If I do a logo for you in 5 minutes, should you pay me less? You should pay me more because I have just saved you a lot of time.

Maybe you want to save some money, but in the end, you get what you pay for. 

Ask "what is your printing budget? Where all does the logo go? What happens if it goes wrong?" 

Clients go for the least risky options.

Know their yearly revenue and the estimates of what will be the revenue rise after you have done your fantastic illustrative and graphic design job for them. You can also consult on what area to concentrate. 


General / 26 April 2019

In progress

Work In Progress / 10 February 2019

Original picture 

Following the steps of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Making Of / 02 January 2019

This video is dedicated to a location that can be seen in the game that was released earlier in 2018, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Me and my friend, a certified guide in Czechia, went to the monastery, that has appeared as one of the locations in the game to compare art and reality and make a short movie about similarities. Enjoy! :)


News / 25 December 2018

I have made a video on one of the best discoveries of these days. At least for me :D 

In this video, I would like to say a few words about a handy little piece of software, that is a must have for any artist working with sets of reference pictures.


Making Of / 09 December 2018

Hello there! Today I am telling about the workflow that I have used to create a picture for the competition from Nomada studio dedicated to their upcoming game called Gris. People have submitted a lot of fantastic illustrations (including me ;-P) so you are very welcome to check all of them out on instagram. #grisgame 

Flight to the distant shores...

General / 05 September 2018

I love making fast sketches

General / 01 September 2018

And this one is an illustration for one of my photo reference packs "Central Asian architecture". Even though I am quite good at traditional drawing techniques, both digital and analog, I  love photobash because it provides me with an  amazing amount of details in a blink of an eye :)



It is holiday mood!

General / 09 August 2018

Flying to the distant mountain...

General / 17 July 2018

A quick photobash. I love doing these small exercises before going to the bed, they are so relaxing and make my mind fly far away into the dream realms. Good night.