Gimme your money

General / 27 July 2019

I have been going through some tutorials on matte painting techniques and the thing that I have noticed is that when it is marked @for beginners@, it includes a whole load of programs that are financially available only for the studios, like Nuke or Maya.

Even if I know that cracked versions are available, I still don't want to populate my computer with this crappy cracked software, because then it leads to not having the desired render engine or render freezing or some notifications popping out on you out from the blue. It is just bad. 

So all the tutorials for beginners should be done with alternative software, let us say, Blender, Krita (ok, Photoshop is not expensive so can be)  and Natron instead of Nuke. Or BM Fusion. This is how you can teach the basics to beginners without putting the crappy cracked software onto your computer. The techniques and principles of work are quite universal and can easily be done in many different programs.