Inktober 2019, #1

The Sun was rising up high, getting ready for the new day, silence has spread all over the frozen lands. A girl, almost a young woman, a carefree mindless young soul was marching happily towards the frozen lake, where she knew she would find an ice hole made by her friend not so long ago. And it was there! A tiny puddle of water in the icy ring was gleaming. The young lady took the bait and threw the fishing rod in. She was fully ready for the long day far away from the village, and this day was starting really good! 
Boys and girls, this year I have invented a special format for my inktober entries. I have created a story using the official inktober topics as the keywords and so I will be posting a story and an illustration every 3-4 days :D Wish me luck. It is not very simple honestly, but I truly believe I can combine my writing and drawing skills :D