Light and color cheat sheet

General / 24 March 2018

Short summary

Hey there!
Color is the life of painting, its soul an heart, but not everyone has enough experience to imagine different light conditions and their effect and role that they are playing. A few weeks ago I had an idea of how to improve the work with color in some certain light conditions. It was a bit of a problem for me to imagine what orange color could look like in violet light before I had gained some certain arts experience. I am sure that I am not the only martyr with a tablet so I have made this small cheat sheet showing the same colors in a different light situation, all you need to do is to use the color picker to choose the color that you want corresponding to the original RGB color circle.

Here are 10 most typical situations that you can find during the winter, including some light within a home, darkness, cloudy and sunny weather, some really bright disco lights. Unfortunately, I couldn't make pictures like sunrise or sunset... yet, but they are totally on my schedule once the weather is more sunny and predictable in our Czech lowlands. Usually, I am stuck at work in the office till very late :( so I hardly ever see the sunsets during the winter. 

Don't hesitate to download the materials and use it in your work. I will be happy if someone sends me the picture made with this shpargalka (cheat sheet, rus. шпаргалка). 

Materials are printed on the regular office paper, all the photos are made with Sony A5100 on auto settings to avoid any interference from my side with the automatic color recognition. 

Learning materials

Explaining the method using one of my pictures. Video in Russian with English subtitles.

Original RGB. I have the same still life developed with the same colors from the various color circles that I have printed out and photographed with my Sony A5100.
Feel free to download and use them.

A bright morning in the shade

A bright morning in the sun

Cloudy day

Dark ambiance

Warm electric light

Warm street light

Interior with a brown curtain on a bright sunny day

Bright blue disco light

Bright pink disco light

Blue street light

Bright directional street light